Why You Should Not Leave the Scene of an Accident 

Why You Should Not Leave the Scene of an Accident 

leave the scene of an accidentNo car accident is easy for anyone to walk away from. Even if no one is injured, the vehicle has damages that may add up to thousands of dollars. Injuries that do occur could be minor or severe and life threatening. Someone who suffers from a minor whiplash injury could feel pain for months. Many accident victims have to undergo physical therapy for years.

The driver who is responsible for the accident has to compensate the victims. They have bodily injuries and vehicular damages that were not caused by their own actions. Under the law, they are not entitled to pay for these damages.

What Penalties Do You Face? 

When an accident occurs, you are legally required to exchange contact information with the other driver. This includes your name, address phone number, driver’s license and details about your insurance. If the driver is not present, leave a visible note on the car. Also, report the accident to the police for an investigation. If you don’t do any of these actions, you face a leaving the scene of the accident without reporting charge, which may be a traffic infraction in case of the property damage only or a misdemeanor or even a felony in case of leaving the scene of the accident with a personal injury (depending on the severity of the injuries and prior similar convictions), penalties for which may include a fine or jail time if you are convicted.

What a Traffic Attorney Does 

A Nassau County traffic violation attorney works to defend you against a hit-and-run charge. He or she reduces your risks of receiving a conviction, paying a fine or getting jailed. The lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor and attempt to drop or reduce the charge. An experienced Long Island traffic lawyer will collect evidence that clears you of the charge altogether. He or she can also speak to the judge and negotiate a less severe sentence and a lower fine.

A hit and run is a serious charge that should never be taken lightly. All drivers should know what is at stake if they ever get into this type of accident. A Long Island traffic attorney keeps you out of legal trouble that lasts for years. Contact the law offices of Sharifov & Associates, PLLC to see how they can help you.