Hempstead Traffic Ticket Attorney

Speeding Offenses

1180(a) – Speed not reasonable and prudent. 3 points. This charge does not specify how fast and in what speed zone car was driven.

1180(b) – Speed over stated limit. If speed was

between 1-10 miles over == 3 points

between 11-20 over        == 4 points

between 21-30                == 6 points

between 31-40                == 8 points

over 40 == 11 points and possible license suspension/revocation

The Court most likely will suspend the license while high speeding offense is pending before the Court. For example, if driver received VTL 1180(b) with speed over 30 miles above the limit, the court will likely suspend such license pending prosecution.

The Court must revoke license if 3rd speeding violation conviction in 18 months.


1180(c) –     Speed in school zone

1180 (d)1 – Speed in Zone  

1180 (d)2 – Speed in Restricted Highway

1180(e) –    Failure to reduce speed

1180(f) –    Speed in Construction Zone

1180(g) –    Speeding using radar detect in vehicle greater than 18,000 pounds

1181 (a) –    Driving too slow; impending traffic

1182 (1) –  Unauthorized speed contest.




1200 – Failed to obey sign stopping/standing/parking. 0 points

1201 – Stopping/standing on pavement

1202-1203 – Improper parking

1212 – Reckless driving. This is a criminal charge, unclassified Misdemeanor. Can be issued when Police Officer determined in his own judgment and discretion that the driver placed at risk other drivers or pedestrian on the road, including police officer who issued this charge.

1220 – Unlawful solicitation of ground transportation services at an airport. Criminal Offense

Class “B” Misdemeanor. Such charge is often given to drivers in various airports in New York City. Usually Queens County District Attorney will prosecute those since both JFK and LaGuardia airports are located in Queens County.

1221 – Driving through/within safety zone

1225a – Driving on sidewalk

1225c2 – Use of mobile telephones. Currently this conviction carries 5 points. It was increased from initial 2 points offense.

1225d – Use of electronic devices

1226No hands on wheel/steering devices

1229 – No seatbelt. Although, carries 0 points, many prosecutor offices see this charge as a reduction from another charge and sometime may hold it against the driver when negotiating a plea on other traffic charges.

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