Reasons your License Could be Revoked

license revoked

There are several reasons why your driver’s license could get revoked. And once that happens, it’s sometimes hard to regain your driving privileges. Long Island residents can turn to Sharifov & Associates, PLLC for help with license reinstatement. But the best course of action is to avoid the following situations. 

1. Serious Traffic Violations 
Serious traffic violations are those that are highly-likely to cause death, serious injury, or extreme property damage. These violations can result in immediate suspension of your license. 

A common serious traffic violation is driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Other serious violations include vehicular manslaughter, fleeing the scene of an accident, evading the police or driving at a very high speed. These actions can lead to immediate license suspension. 

2. Too Many Points 
In New York State, points are assigned to major and minor traffic offenses. Accumulating too many points can get your license revoked. You’ll likely get your license returned after a time period determined by the courts. But depending on the circumstance, you might require legal assistance. For example, a New York resident might need a Nassau County traffic attorney to represent their traffic case in court. 

3. Lack of Insurance 
Auto insurance is a requirement in most states. If you’re caught without coverage, then you can possibly lose your license. You might receive a ticket first. Then you’ll have to appear in court, village, city, justice or town hall, or some other location to show proof of insurance. If you’re unable to produce proof, then you’re in danger of losing your license. New York states requires a mandatory car insurance and driving without that will cause you to pay high fines and lose your driver license.

When to Contact a Lawyer 
It’s sometimes simple to get your driver’s license returned. But some traffic cases might call for legal assistance. For example, you might feel you’ve been unfairly accused. Or you might feel your punishment is unjust. A Nassau County traffic lawyer can represent you in court and speak on your behalf.