How to get your Long Island License Suspended

license suspension

Since you drive to and from work, various stores, and plenty of other places, the last thing you want is having your driver’s license suspended. Unfortunately, this happens far too often. While many factors go into suspending a license, it is important to understand your legal rights in this situation. If you have had your license suspended, consult a Long Island traffic attorney as soon as possible. 

How Can a License be Suspended? 
There are several ways this can occur. The most common is failing to pay traffic tickets, then ignoring letters sent by the DMV stating your license has been suspended. Along with this scenario, accumulating 11 points on your driving record in an 18-month period, or being convicted of a serious traffic violation, will also result in license suspension. If this has happened to you, speak with a Long Island Traffic Lawyer

What if I Don’t have a NY License? 
Even if you don’t possess a driver’s license issued by New York State, the DMV still has the authority to suspend your driving privileges due to unresolved traffic tickets. Since these cases can be complex, speak with a traffic attorney on Long Island immediately. 

Is This a Crime? 
While driving with a suspended license is usually considered a misdemeanor, it can be classified as a felony in certain situations. For example, if you ignore DMV notifications and are then pulled over for an unrelated violation, the police officer will discover you are driving with a suspended license. In these situations, depending upon the number of violations and how long the license has been suspended, the officer has the authority to arrest you and take you into custody. 

Rather than let these situations spiral out of control, contact a Long Island traffic attorney at the law firm of Sharifov & Associates, PLLC to discuss your case in greater detail.