Case Negotiation – Plea Bargaining  

traffic ticketProsecutors are not always willing to plea bargain a traffic matter on Long Island with defendant personally, to the extend they will with an experienced Long Island Traffic Lawyer. It is because Long Island Traffic Lawyers understand what is the best disposition in each matter for their clients. Many drivers consider a traffic ticket a minor legal problem, but the truth is that certain individuals can suffer significant long-term financial problems if convicted of the highest charge. This is especially true for people who depend on their license for employment or transportation. Even reduction of charges will save money for a driver. For example, a conviction on 6-points speeding ticket may raise driver’s insurance premium and will cause the driver to get driver assessment fee from DMV. However, a skillful negotiation of this 6-points speeding ticket to a 2-points, failure to signal, for example, will save driver’s money.

Insurance Impact

Some driving citations are the result of reckless driving behavior in dangerous situations that officers feel a need to enhance the charge. Speeding is a prime example, but even weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed can elevate a speeding charge to a reckless driving charge (VTL 1212) which is unclassified Misdemeanor, a crime. Serious fines and point assignment can result in an increased insurance rates for the entire time they remain on a driving record. Fewer points, lower fines and less likely to have an increase on insurance rates. Quite often an attorney can negotiate a disposition of the traffic matter without anything being reported to an insurance companies at all, thus saving driver’s even more money.

Always Contact a Long Island Traffic Ticket Attorney

It is rarely a good decision to attempt to handle a traffic ticket on Long Island personally. Contact Long Island Traffic Lawyers at Sharifov & Associates, PLLC for a solid legal representation. 516-505-2300